BANANIA Bright Beauty Whitening Travel Group

BANANIA Bright Beauty Whitening Travel Group

The world's first use of banana flower plant extract brightening essence

High content of anthocyanins, whitening & anti-aging dual care


It’s time to whiten up your skin!

 The skin will no longer be dehydrated

 In-depth moisturizing for a more hydrated and elastic skin

 A brighter luster for an ultra-white effect

Banana flower extract can provide a strong defense for the skin

which in turn will have a brighter luster.

Use: Moisturizing and conditioning skin to improve dull complexion

Principal ingredients:
Musa sapientum flower extract (rich in anthocyanins)Citrus aurantium dulcis flower waterVitamin B3Vitamin B5Allantion

■Capacity: 20ml lotion, 20ml essence milk, 15ml jelly

■Notes: If there is a wound, please avoid direct skin irritation, please stop using it. If you feel unwell or allergic, please stop using it and consult a professional doctor.

■Place of Origin/Manufacture: Chiayi, Taiwan

■ Domestic mail:

After ordering and payment confirmation, the shipment will be completed within 3 days, and the shipment will be completed on the first working day after a holiday. In the event of a typhoon holiday, goods out of stock or special requirements, this service is not applicable.